jueves, 23 de octubre de 2008


Si señor@s! Fue grande, y ahora hablo como asistente y no como organizador, sin duda alguna, la musica que sonó durante las 7 horas y 20 minutos fue de alto voltaje.

En el aspecto musical destacar sobre todo a los invitados ingleses, Arthur y Maria, derrocharon buen hacer en todos los sets, las playlists hablan por si solas...sixties soul, crossover, modern e incluso algunas gotas de soul-funk que empieza a abrirse paso dentro de la escena northern soul. Destacaria dentro de sus sesiones los momentos Hamilton Movement, 7 miles per hour band, Antellects, Betty Wilson o Second Re$surrection y multitud de temas mas, que sonaron por primera vez en estas tierras. Del otro invitado Iu, podemos hablar de actuación correcta, pero no voy a ser "politicamente correcto" que nunca fue lo mio y diré que me esperaba mucho mas, sobre todo cuando uno lee los foros y todo tipo de "ciber-opiniones", aun así se notó su conocimiento del publico y mantuvo la pista caliente, sobre todo en su segundo y tercer set. A cargo de buen 6ts soul y crossovers infalibles, su momento sin duda fue su ultimo set, el Larry Davis fue uno de los puntos algidos de la noche.

Por otra parte se volvió a conseguir un ambiente magico, con un publico 100% entregado a la causa, recuerdo las ultimas dos horas de la allnighter como si estuviera en una nube...nunca habia visto tanta gente con sindrome de "exaltación de la amistad". Un 10 para todos ellos.

Y al respecto nada mas, cerramos pagina y en breve tendremos el flyer en marcha y las entradas a la venta. Estad atentos!!!!!!!!!!

Playlists de la noche:

Iu Adell

Elliot Small - Stay in my heart (Bang)
Jean Wells - With my love and what you got (Calla)
Emotions - I can't stand no more heartaches (Brainstorm)
Ike & Tina Turner - Dust my broom (Tangerine)
Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat (Hi)
Willie Parker - I've got to face it (M-Pac)
Judy Clay - Do you think that's right (Ember)
Willie Parker - Where's my money (Mr Peacock)
Lonnie Lester - You can't go (Nu-Tone)
Bud Harper - Wherever you are (Peacock)
Geno Washington - I'll be around (Atac)
Pauline & Bobby - No Messin Around (Expo)
Ebonys - Don't knock me (Soul Clock)
Clovers - For days (Josie)

George Hughley - That's why I cry (Buddah)
Monitors - Dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today (VIP)
Vernon Garrett - Angel Doll (Venture)
King George - I'm gonna be somebody someday (RCA)
Carole Waller - This love of mine (USA)
The Sounds Four - Keep on lovin (Saintmo)
Traits - Too good to be true (Peacemaker)
Godoy Colbert - Baby I like it (Revue)
Fabulous Peps - With these eyes (Wheelsville)
Wade Flemons - Jeanette (Ramsel)
Jesse Fisher - Your not loving a beginner (Way Out)
Keni Lewis - Whats her name (Buddah)

Esquires - Dancin a hole in the world (Rocky Ridge)
Van Dykes - Save my love for a rainy day (Mala)
Thelma Lindsey - Prepared to love you (Magic City)
Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger (Atlantic)
Mel Wynn & Rhythm Aces - Don't want to lose you (Wand)
Emanuel Laskey - I'm a peace loving man (Thelma)
Johnny Bartel - If this isn't love (Solid State)
Margie Joseph - One more chance (Volt)
Lee Williams & Cymbals - A girl from country town (Rapda)
Manhattans - I can't stand for you to leave me (Deluxe)
Larry Davis - Magic is gone (Decca)
Eddie Kendricks - Date with the rain (Tamla)
Stimulation - Can you dig where I'm coming from (Hi Steppin)
California Rock Choir - Whoever you are (Cyclone)
IAP & Co - Check yourself (Colossus)
Pretenders - It's everything about you (Carnival)

Maria O

The Four Voices - Your Love Is Getting Stronger [Voice]
Tammy Wayne - Have A Good Time [Boom]
The Athens Rogues - She Could Love Me [Stop]
James Phelps - The Look On Your Face [Apache]
Purple Mundi - Stop Hurting Me Baby [Cat]
Shiela Ferguson - "And In Return" [Swan]
The Attractions - You Don't Know Boy [June Bug]
The Inspirations - Your Wish Is My Command [Midas]
Karmello Brooks - Tell Me, Baby [Milestone]
Minnie Jones and the Minuettes - Shadow Of A Memory [Sugar]
George Hobson - Let It Be Real [Sound City]

The Hamilton Movement - She's Gone [Look-Out]
The Nicky Newarkers - Woman [Mercury]
Second Re$surrection - You Done Let Daylight Catch You [Stanson]
Betty Wilson and The 4 Bars - I'm Yours [Dayco]
The Ballad's - I Can't See Your Love (For the Tears In My Eyes) [Wee]
Geraldine Hunt - Winner Takes All [abc]
Edward Hamilton and The Arabians - Baby Don't You Weep [MaryJane]
Bob Brady & the Con Chords - Goodbye Baby [Chariot]
Betty Lloyd - I'm Catching On [BSC]
The Dynells - Call On Me [Vent]
Brown Bombers & Soul Partners - Wait For Me [Amazing]

Tommy & the Derby's - Don't Play the Role [Swing]
Willie & The Mighty Magnificents - "Check It Baby" [All Platinum]
The Jackey Beavers Show - We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love [Jaber]
William Cummings - Make My Love A Hurting Thing [Bang Bang]
Richard Caiton - I Like To Get Near You [Up Tight]
Marjorie Singletree - Never Let Go [Unissued C/U]
Cookie Scott & the Chevelles - I Don't Care (What The People Say) [Orr]
The Checkmates Ltd - Kissin' Her and Crying For You [Capitol]
Ronnie Dyson - Fever [Columbia LP]
Billy Preston - The Girl's Got "It" [Capitol]
The Flirtations - Stronger Than Her Love [Festival]
Spider Turner - I've Got To Get Myself Together (Before I Lose My Mind) [Good Time]
Maxine Brown - It's Torture [Kent]
The Rotations - (Put A Nickel On) D-9 [Frantic]
The Districts - One Lover (Just Won't Do) [Nile]

Arthur Fenn

Al Gardner - Sweet Baby (Sepia)
The Antellects - Love Slave (Flodavieur)
The Adventurers - Easy Baby (Compass)
Lee Andrews & the Hearts - I've Had It (Crimson)
Frank Beverly & The Butlers - If That's What You Wanted (Sassy)
The Nu-Rons - All Of My Life (Nu-Ron)
John and the Wierdest - No Time (Tie)
Sam Williams - Love Slipped Through My Fingers (Tower)
Stormie Wynters - Life Saver (Mercury)
Two Plus Two - Look Around (Velgo)
The Saints - I'll Let You Slide (Wigwam)
Papa Bear and the Cubs - You're So Fine (SMS)
Little Ann - What Should I Do (Kent)
The Just Brothers - **Carlena** (Garrison)
Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby (Car-A-Mel)

Mel Britt - She'll Come Running Back (Fip)
Angela Davis & The Mighty Chevelles - My Love (Is So Strong) (Flaming Arrow)
The Royal VII - It's An Explosion (Part 1) (Windmill)
Barbara St Clair - Teacherman (Crosseyed Bear)
Detroit Sounds Of Friction - "I'm Leaving You" (Heavy Sound)
Rising Sun - Good Loving (Kingston)
LaRom Baker - You're the Best Thing (The Record Company)
Unique Blend - Yes I'm In Love (Eastbound)
Wee - Try Me (Owl)
Charles Mintz - Running Back (Up Look)
7 Miles Per Hour Band - Playing Your Game (Music City)
Eric Mercury and the Soul Searchers - Lonely Girl (Sac)
The Camaro's - We're Not Too Young (To Fall In Love) (Dar Cha)
The Cashmeres - Show Stopper (Hem)
Kae Williams - "Our Love Is Dying" (GM - Unissued)

Patrinell Staten - Little Love Affair (Sepia)
The Impressions - You've Been Cheatin' (ABC-Paramount)
John and the Wierdest - Can't Get Over These Memories (Tie)
Lynn Varnado - Wash and Wear Love (Gator)
The Natural Four - I Thought You Were Mine (Boola Boola)
Bobby Reed - The Time Is Right For Love (Bell)
Monique - If You Love Me (Maurci)
The Montclairs - "Hey You! Don't Fight It!" (Arch)
The Honey Bees - Let's Get Back Together (Garrison)
The Gambrells - You Better Move (Carla)
Tommy Ridley - My Love Is Getting Stronger (International City)
Jessie James - Are You Gonna Leave Me (Shirley)
Herman Lewis - Who's Kissing You Tonight (Mercury)
Flash McKinley - I'll Rescue You (Bombay)
Eddy Hughes - Soul Searcher (Bard)

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